Keith Hessinger: Medford, NJ

My buddies and I went out the wrecks in the spring. I just wish the limits were a little higher. We were lucky catching fish all day, Ling, sea bass, and blackfish. We kept what we could and smiled all day. The weather was nice, (for spring) We had an all around fun  day, Thanks cap’n.

– Keith Hessinger, Medford,  New Jersey 

Tim McHugh: Dumfries, VA

We went fishing with Capt. Irv 5 of us my 3 children my wife and I Wow what a fun day we had. My kids wrote about it school as the funest day of our summer vacation. We started out by fishing off the boardwalk and we caught some flounder and other fish, cool as heck for city people. Later in the morning we sailed around the bay and even saw our house from the water.

– Tim McHugh, Dumfries, Virginia